Sparks of Hope

in Every Play

About us: the story of our team

Sunny Lab was founded in 2023. We have gathered around our love for 2D games and the desire to craft stories that offer hopeful perspectives to the world.

We developed our expertise on many high and mid-budget games, from high-definition consoles and PC to high-velocity mobile markets.

Games we worked on

Sunny Lab games worked on (Plague Tale, Ghost Recon, FRAG, Brave Frontier, Assassin's Creed Valhalla)
Charlotte Gailledreau and Hugo Sahuquet

Our values


We advocate transparency and create safe spaces where everyone can express themselves freely, honestly and proactively.

We embrace passionate debates where everyone feels listened to and legitimate to push the team to always do better.


We create unique, memorable experiences that our entire team can talk about with pride and joy.

We promote a culture of problem-solving and we reject fatalism in tough situations. We celebrate our successes as well as our failures on a daily basis to always move forward.


We are not afraid to test and explore new horizons. We value initiative and curiosity because each adventure brings its lessons.

We stimulate a constant sharing of knowledge where everyone can grow in their profession and their passion as much as they grow our teams.

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